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It is widely used in radio modification, phone flash, XBOX 360 flash, GPS, Vehicle detection, DVD flash, hard disk repair etc. It can be used to program STC MCU, NXP MCU, Renesas MCU, STM32 MCU, N+-2EC MCU.

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Mini RS232 to TTL Converter

This is a small very compact TTL to RS232 converter board. You can say it is a breakout board for MAX3232 it is one of the smallest prototyping board around and comes really handy when space is very small. Best of all this module works on 3.3 volt as well as on 5 volts.

Specification of Mini RS232 to TTL Converter Module Board

  • A converter board for electrical levels
  • Chip Model: MAX3232
  • Max. Baud Rate: No more than 120kbps
  • Operating Voltage: 3V~5V
  • Four Interface: VCC, GND, RXD, TXD
  • Dimension: 15.875mm x 9.398mm x 2.54mm

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