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Features of LM2596 DC to DC buck converter

  • Non-isolated step-down module
  • Mode of rectification: non-synchronous rectification
  • Input voltage: 4V-35V
  • Output voltage: 1.25-30V
  • Output Maximum current: 3 Ampere
  • Size: 53mm * 26mm approx (just for rough idea, vary depending on the manufacturer)
  • Input mode: IN+ input positive IN- input negative
  • Output mode: OUT+ output positive OUT- output negative

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LM2596 Adjustable Step-Down Module

This is an LM2596 based Adjustable DC to DC Buck converter module. This is a non-isolated step-down module with an adjustable output of 1.5 volts to 35 volts and rated current of 2 Ampere. The maximum current can go up to 3 amperes if heat sink and proper cooling technique are used.

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