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Features of Arduino Nano

  • Automatic reset during program download
  • Power OK blue LED on the bottom
  • Green (TX), red (RX) and orange (L) LED
  • +5V to AREF jumper
  • Auto sensing/switching power input
  • Small mini-B USB for programming and serial monitor (cable not included)
  • ICSP header for direct program download
  • Power OK blue LED on the bottom
  • Standard 0.1” spacing DIP (breadboard friendly)
  • Manual reset switch
  • The Arduino Nano can be powered via the mini-USB connection, 6-20V unregulated external power supply (pin 30), or 5V regulated external power supply (pin 27). The power source is automatically selected to the highest voltage source.
  •  package include

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Arduino Nano CH340

This is a low cost Arduino nano clone. It uses CH340 USB to serial chip instead of FTDI USB to serial chip. The Arduino Nano is a small, complete, and breadboard-friendly board based on the ATmega328 (Arduino Nano 3.x). It has more or less the same functionality of the Arduino Duemilanove, but in a different package. It lacks only a DC power jack, and works with a Mini-B USB cable instead of a standard one.


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