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Features of Shield

  •     Plug and play with Arduino Uno or Mega

  •     4 digit 7-segment LED display module

  •     4 x surface mount LEDs

  •     1 x 10K adjustable precision potentiometer for trying ADC experiments.

  •     3 x Independent push buttons

  •     Piezo buzzer

  •     DS18B20 temperature sensor interface

  •     LM35 temperature sensor interface

  •     Infrared receiver interface

  •     Serial interface header for convenient connection to serial modules such as Bluetooth, wireless interface, voice module, a voice recognition module etc

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Want to get started with Arduino? Well ten this multi-function shield is perfect for you if you want to try out different interfacing with Arduino.  The multi-function Learning shield for Arduino has many of features which makes it ideal for beginners who just want to experiment and learn, or just as a general purpose board for more advanced uses. It has provisions for ADC experiments, General Purpose I/O experiments, Segment Displays, Communications and more.

Pin Layout of Multi-functional Board

  •     4 Red LEDs-Pin 10,11,12,13

  •     3 Buttons+Reset button-Pin A1,A2,A3

  •     Potentiometer(10Kohm)-Pin A0

  •     4 digit seven segment led driven by 74HC595-Latch 4,Clock 7,Data 8

  •     Buzzer-3(digital on/off)

  •     Socket for infrared receiver(remote control)-Pin 2

  •     Socket for temperature sensor LM35 or DS18B20-Pin A4

  •     Header for APC220 shield-Gnd,5V,0,1(rx/tx)

  •     Free pins(PWM)-5,6,9,A5


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