AD8232 ECG Sensor...

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  • AD8232 adopts double poles high-pass filter to eliminate the motion artifacts and electrode half cell potential

  • AD8232 adopts an operational amplifier that is without using constraint to build a three pole low pass filter, eliminating extra noises

  • Rated temp range : 0—70 degree

  • Working temp range: -40—85 degree

Applications of AD8232 ECG Module

  • Fitness and sports heart rate monitoring

  • Portable ECG

  • Remote health monitor

  • Game peripheral equipment

  • Bio-electricity signal collection

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ECG also known as Electrocardiogram is a noninvasive medical procedure to measure the electrical activity of the Heart.  This process of measuring the heart activity is called as Electrocardiography. This ECG Sensor Module measures this activity and gives an output which can be directly connected to a Arduino, Raspberry Pi (via ADC like MCP3008) or any other Micro-controller.

This ECG Sensor Module is based upon Analog Devices Award Winning IC AD8232.  Basically AD8232 is an integrated signal conditioning block for ECG and other bio-potential measurement applications. It is designed to extract, amplify, and filter small bio-potential signals in the presence of noisy conditions, such as those created by motion or remote electrode placement. This design allows for an ultralow power analog-to-digital converter (ADC) or an embedded micro-controller to acquire the output signal easily.


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