37 in 1 Sensor...

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Arduino Sensor kit contains:

  • 1x Joystick Module
  • 1x Relay Board
  • 1x Big Sound
  • 1x Small Sound
  • 1x Tracking
  • 1x Avoidance
  • 1x Flame Sensor Module
  • 1x Linear Hall Sensor
  • 1x Touch Sensor Module
  • 1x Digital Temperature Sensor
  • 1x Buzzer
  • 1x Passive Buzzer
  • 1x RGB LED
  • 1x SMD RGB LED
  • 1x Two Color 5mm
  • 1x Mini Two Color 3mm
  • 1x Reed Switch
  • 1x Mini Reed Switch
  • 1x Heartbeat Sensor Module
  • 1x 7 Color Flash
  • 1x Laser Emitter
  • 1x PCB mounted push button
  • 1x Shock, a rolling-ball type Tilt Switch
  • 1x Rotary Encoders
  • 1x Rolling ball Tilt Switch
  • 1x Photoresistor
  • 1x Temp and Humidity
  • 1x Analog Hall
  • 1x Hall Magnetic
  • 1x DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
  • 1x Analog Temperature Sensor
  • 1x IR Emission
  • 1x IR Receiver
  • 1x Tap Module
  • 1x Light Blocking

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37 in 1 Sensor Kit for Arduino

Starting Learning Arduino? Well then this 37 in 1 Sensor kit is perfect for you. This senor kit can also be used with Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo, and other development board. 37 in 1 Sensor kit is a perfect gift to an electronic enthusiast.



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