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  • Size: 51mm (length) x 40mm (W) x 19.3mm (height);
  • Weight: 55g;
  • PCB Color: Black;
  • board four weeks with four screw holes, hole diameter 3.1mm, easy to install and fixed;
  • Relay selection of quality loose music relays, SPDT. A common terminal, a normally open, one normally closed terminal;
  • optocoupler isolation, good anti-jamming;
  • Low pull, high release. Energisation status indicator light, release status LED is off;
  • VCC for the system power, JD_VCC for the relay power. Default hair 12V relay, plug the jumper cap to;
  • Relay Maximum output: DC 30V/10A, AC 250V/10A
  • Wiring: VCC: positive power supply system GND: System power supply negative IN1 – IN2: relay control ports

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12 Volt 2 Channel Relay Module board

These are optically isolated relay modules having 12 Volt cube Relays. The relays are driven by an Opto-coupler which provides isolation between your Micro-controller, Arduino or Raspberry Pi & the relay thus making this module better than the modules having transistor or ULN2003 IC as drivers.

This is a 2 channel Relay Module with output relay contacts of 7 amperes at 250 volts.  You can use it easily with any Microcontroller, Arduino or Single Board Computers (SBC) like Raspberry Pi and Beagle bone. You can even use this module with digital IC’s like LM555 and HT12D Decoder IC.

Applications Of Relay Board

  • support all MCU control.
  • the industrial sector
  • PLC control
  • smart home control

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