About Us


Welcome to annymart.com, it is one of the most popular e-commerce store for Robotic Parts, electronic components, sensor modules, Mosfet, motors etc. We are online electronics project components, electronics parts, accessories, Robotic parts seller in all over India. Mainly we are a provider of Robotics Kits, Electronics Parts, Displays, Sensors, ICs, Sensor Modules, Motors, Drones, Servo, Industrial Automation, Home Automation, IOT frameworks. We cater the products to the students, industries, and hobbyists also all over India. We have a retail shop in Kolkata, India. Students who need different sensors, ICs, modules, development boards, breakout boards, cases or any other components for their academic project or competitive project or self-made projects or for the practice session, can buy their desired components through this online platform easily to save their time and effort.


Customers’ request, ventures for various enterprises and uses are additionally accessible. We take bulk order from customers. For bulk requirement please send us an email at info@annymart.com. Besides selling the components, we also provide guidance for commercial or academic electronics projects.